Jan Kath Exhibition at the SORS. gallery in Paris//Exposition Jan Kath à la galerie SORS. à Paris

On the 5th of April 2018 in Paris, the gallery SORS opend its doors to the wekk nown rug designer Jan Kath.  Born in Bochum, Germany, the designer was destined from an early age to take over the family business of his father, an Oriental rug dealer. It is there, on the other side of the world where the designer escapes and feels most at home.//Le 5 avril 2018, à Paris, la galerie SORS a accueilli le célèbre designer Jan Kath. Né à Bochum en Allemagne, et destiné à reprendre l’affaire familiale de son père, vendeur de tapis d‘Orient, c’est à l’autre bout du monde qu’il décide de s’échapper là où il s’y sent le mieux. 


Seduced by its colors and landscapes, it is in Nepal where he made the decision to build his own carpet industry and gain the desired control of the quality of his productions, and thus, has become the most influential and recognized designer in the whole world.//Séduit par ses couleurs et ses paysages, c’est au Népal, là où il a été engagé en tant que contrôleur de qualité qu’il a pris la décision de construire sa propre industrie de tapis, et ainsi devenir le designer le plus influent et reconnus dans le monde entier.

For the opening night cocktail of the exposition to launch the presence of Jan Kath in Paris, the gallery, located two steps away from the Invalides, inaugurated a selection of collections in the presence of the designer, exhibited in the different rooms of a Haussmanien apartment, overlooking the gardens of the Rodin Museum. It is here at the SORS Gallery that Jan Kath decided to exhibit his creations, shown in multiple showrooms in Europe, the gallery SORS is the exlusive partner to offer Jan Kath rugs in France.//Pour sa soirée de lancement, la galerie, située à deux pas des Invalides, a inauguré quelques pièces de sa collection, exposées dans les différents emplacements d’un appartement Haussmannien en face du musée Rodin. C’est ici que Jan Kath a décidé d’exposer ses créations, possédant de multiples showroom en Europe, elle est la seule en France à proposer ses tapis et à être en partenariat avec une galerie exclusive.

Open through April 20th, the exhibition titled The Antiques of Tomorrow continues to take us on travels in his universe with his unique models and changing scenes, where fantasy and mystery mingle. //Ouverte jusqu’au 20 avril 2018 l’exposition Jan Kath continue de nous faire voyager dans son univers avec ses modèles uniques où se mêlent fantaisie et mystère. 

 Rug art by Jan Kath, coffee table by Privatiselectionem

Rug art by Jan Kath, coffee table by Privatiselectionem

In addition to offering you a private experience with an exceptional collection, the SORS Gallery also exhibits exclusive  creations by artists such as Privatiseletionem and Studio Silvio Mondino, which can be made to measure, with the possibility of Make an appointment with the founder of the gallery Rebecca Carlén who will present her universe as well as other exceptional pieces to discuss a potential decision.//Outre le fait de vous offrir une expérience privée avec une collection d’exception, la galerie SORS expose également d’autres créations uniques d’artistes tel que Privatiseletionem et Studio Silvio Mondino, pouvant être faits sur-mesure, avec la possibilité de prendre un rendez-vous avec la fondatrice de la galerie Rebecca Carlén qui vous présentera son univers ainsi que d’autres pièces exceptionnelles afin de discuter d’une potentielle décision.



A personal note to our friends...

MMXVI CS: Philippe Model's Selection

MMXVI CS : la selection de Philippe Model

SORS is proud to announce that the MMXVI CS series of handcrafted console tables has been selected by Philippe Model as part of his featured product selection for Maison&Objet and More.

 MMXVI CS1  console table SORS Privatiselectionem, 2016

MMXVI CS1  console table SORS Privatiselectionem, 2016

Comprised of two contrasting levels reaching upward like urban architecture into the sky, the MMXVI CS series is a collection of modern console tables of understated beauty, and a sleek complement to contemporary decor themes. 

Created by the architects Privatiselectionem, the bold structure and unique character of the three-piece collection has been recognized by French personal stylist, decorative artist, and product designer Philippe Model. Creator of fashion accessories and shoes, Model has contributed his refined style to the field of interior decoration by opening his own space in Paris dedicated to home décor and furnishings. 

The MMXVI CS collection is available through SORS, the exclusive partner of Privatiselectionem. Select collection pieces by the design group SORS Privatiselectionem can be viewed in person at the Galerie SORS, which opened this fall in the Paris furniture gallery district near Rue du Bac at 92, rue de Varenne, Paris 07.



[[Select pieces from the collections by Jan Kath will be soon on exposition to view at Galerie SORS., representing a quintessential guide to the infinite possibilities achievable by the designer and rug maker. Often combining a foundation of classic oriental motifs with modern deconstructed patterns on built-up layers of an abstract nature, Jan Kath creates rugs with themes which stun the senses.///Bientôt exposé à la Galerie SORS, un sélection des tapis des collections par Jan KATH, ainsi qu’un guide complet de la collection vous offrant une infinité de possibilités et de combinaisons sur mesure. Souvent basé sur un mélange entre les motifs orientaux classiques et les modèles plus modernes et déstructurés, Jan Kath créé des tapis de nature abstraite capables d’étourdir vos sens. ]]

 Visit Galerie SORS to view the new KIRMAN ROBSON ARTWORK 19 rug and discover the infinite possibilities of a rug by Jan Kath.

Visit Galerie SORS to view the new KIRMAN ROBSON ARTWORK 19 rug and discover the infinite possibilities of a rug by Jan Kath.

[[Handmade principally from Tibetan Highlands wool with flawless execution, the rugs expose an expertise of craft and high level of character with a highly sophisticated and complex use of color, interwoven multi-level aspects of silk and wool which manifest three dimensional textures, and daring conceptual translations of space satellite photography, abstract contemporary paintings and even graffiti street art.  His award-winning carpets are exhibited in various art and design museums and represented worldwide by select dealers and his own mono-brand showrooms. Each Jan Kath rug is handmade and highly customised with more than 1,200 colors available.///Entièrement fait main à partie de laine des montagnes tibétaines, les finitions sont irréprochables et attestent d’une expertise incontestable des artisans. Ces derniers osent les jeux de couleurs et de niveaux par le mélange audacieux de soie et laine qui apporte une structure tridimensionnelle à ces créations. La Collection SPACECRAFTED est une conceptualisation physique de photographies prise depuis un satellite spatial, de peintures contemporaines, et même de graffitis street art. Ses tapis, primés, sont exposés dans divers musées d’art et de design et ils sont représentés dans le monde entier par des revendeurs sélectionnés et ses propres showrooms de l’enseigne MONO. Chaque tapis de Jan KATH est réalisé à la main et personnalisable à l’infini avec plus de 1200 couleurs disponibles. ]]

The Feminine Mystique of Konekt

Introducing signature pieces by American designer Helena Sultan.//Introduction des pièces sélectes par désigner américaine Helena Sultan.

During September's Paris Design Week 2017 events, SORS had the pleasure to introduce the European furniture design market to the KONEKT collection by American designer Helena Sultan. Three new versions of the designer's instant icon, Thing Stools, and her hand sculpted steel and brass Dionis Table were on display at the new Galerie SORS. showroom space in Paris, where they will remain available to view by appointment.

 Helena Sultan's  Thing Stool 3  on exhibition at Galerie SORS in Paris - flaxen sorrel horse hair weft, brass ring and cotton velvet upholstery. More info, contact   info@sorsparis.com

Helena Sultan's Thing Stool 3 on exhibition at Galerie SORS in Paris - flaxen sorrel horse hair weft, brass ring and cotton velvet upholstery. More info, contact info@sorsparis.com

There is a subtle yet sudden recognition of a refined youthful play and softness of line that runs through the beautifully hand sculpted collection. In fact, we love this collection and the endless ways that the gentle opulence of the pieces celebrate hand molded curves and fine attention to craft detail; each piece incorporates an opposing design force, functioning as a visual accent to both modern and traditional design themes. 

 Dionis Table by Helena Sultan for KONEKT at Galerie SORS.  More info, contact   info@sorsparis.com

Dionis Table by Helena Sultan for KONEKT at Galerie SORS.  More info, contact info@sorsparis.com

The juxtaposed styling created by the materials in pieces like the Thing Stools, composed of soft cotton velour, opulent polished brass rings and course horse hair weft, combine to create quality pieces of unique design that introduce a thought provoking and diverse aesthetic. 

Traditionally matched materials such as marble and polished brass also figure into the collection, as seen in the design of the Petra low table, with its oval shaped stone slab table top with rounded and elegantly tapered moulded brass legs.

For additional information and European, Middle East or Asian delivery of the entire Konekt collection, please contact SORS at info@sorsparis.com for details or to schedule an appointment to visit the Paris gallery.

The Space Between Object and Sculpture

The Space Between Object and Sculpture

On exhibition at Gallery VIA September 7th to 14th, 2017 during Paris Design Week.  120 Avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75011 Paris

Captivating tile works- a decorative interior art installation in brass cast tile//Carrelages captivants - une installation d'art décoratif composé de tuiles luxent et tendance

Caste brass tiles that shine to create luxurious bespoke interior installations//Les carreaux en laiton moulé qui brillent pour les installations intérieures de luxe sur mesure

[[The Leonardo Tile - The imagination is the only limit to the principals of design and eternal style of her caste brass beauty. Shall we create a room divider? A space enclosure?  A suspended fireplace chimney ? Functional objects composed of tile elements of such beauty can permeate and thrive in so many forms... shining like jewels of art creating a woven pattern of luxury within your interior.///La tuile Leonardo - L'imagination est la seule limite aux principes de conception et de modèle éternel de sa beauté de laiton de caste. Allons-nous créer un paravent ? Un enclos spatial? Une cheminée suspendue? Les objets fonctionnels composés d'éléments de tuile d'une telle beauté peuvent imprégner et prospérer dans tant de formes ... brillent comme des joyaux de l'art créant un modèle tissé de luxe dans votre intérieur.]]

 Casted brass engraved Leonardo tiles//Carreaux en laiton gravés Leonardo

Casted brass engraved Leonardo tiles//Carreaux en laiton gravés Leonardo

[[This is what we do.  Seeking beauty wherever we can find it. Pressing on through the daily demands of life. Ever seeking pleasure and the aesthetic of peace and serenity amongst the demands of modern time. Escape through art and architecture because why not?///C'est ce que nous faisons. Cherchant la beauté partout où nous pouvons le trouver. En appuyant sur les aspirations quotidiennes de la vie. Toujours à la recherche du plaisir et de l'esthétique de la paix et de la sérénité parmi les exigences du temps moderne. Échapper à travers l'art et l'architecture à cause de pourquoi pas?]]

[[Let your home be your temple.///Votre maison est un temple.]]

[[This is who we are: design and production studio, interior architect, designer, decorator and gallery - working together as a team in harmony with a focused approach to developing both timeless beauty and functional product design.///C'est qui nous sommes: Studio de conception et de production, architecte d'intérieur, concepteur, décorateur et Galerie - travailler ensemble en équipe en harmonie avec une approche ciblée pour développer à la fois la beauté intemporelle et les produits fonctionnels.]]

[[The beauty of design is that it allows so many amazing stories to be told. The face of an angel engraved in our Leonardo tiles, the unlimited potential of a bespoke design configuration... what will you create today?///La beauté du design est qu'il permet à tant d'histoires étonnantes à raconter. Le visage d'un ange gravé dans nos tuiles Leonardo, le potentiel illimité d'une configuration de conception sur mesure ... que vas-tu créer aujourd'hui?]] 

[[An introduction to the Leonardo tile is only the beginning of our story...///Une introduction à la tuile de Leonardo n'est que le début de notre histoire...]] 

[[Our production is European made in the tradition of handcrafted slow design, uniquely created finishes, sometimes purposed and at other times accidental, are the forms that result in a perfect work born out of imperfection. The ability to play in the decorative arts with a focus on architectural materials such as brass, copper, nickel, mirror; and to invent new finishes composed of liquid metals, silver, patinas, powder coatings... working with solid hand carved woods, building and removing layers of hand applied and varnished finishes of our own design.///Notre production est européenne faite dans la tradition de la conception artisanale, des finitions créées de manière unique, parfois intentionnelles et a d'autres moments accidentels, sont les formes qui aboutissent à un travail parfait né de l'imperfection. La capacité de créer des arts décoratifs en se concentrant sur les matériaux architecturaux tels que le laiton, le cuivre, le nickel, le miroir; et d'inventer de nouvelles finitions composées de métaux liquides, d'argent, de patines, de revêtements en poudre ... travaillant avec des bois sculptés à la main solide, la construction et l'enlèvement des couches de la main appliquée et vernis finitions de notre propre conception.]] 

[[Our clients are private individuals, architects, designers and galleries. A highly specialized team, we work through a process with our clients from design conception to fabrication and installation. The world is our ultimate playground, our services have no geographic bounds.///Nos clients sont des particuliers, des architectes, des designers et des galeries. Une équipe hautement spécialisée, nous travaillons à travers un processus avec nos clients de conception design à la fabrication et l'installation. Le monde est notre terrain de jeu ultime, nos services n'ont pas de limites géographiques.]] 

[[We are SORS Privatiselectionem - Contact us to commission your installation, and visit us at the SORS gallery in Paris by appointment.  Email - info@sors.paris///Nous sommes SORS Privatiselectionem - Contactez-nous pour discuter les demandes de votre installation, et nous rendre visite à la Galerie SORS à Paris sur rendez-vous. Email - info@sors.paris]] 



DIscover the ISP Lighting Collection//Découvrez la collection luminaire ISP

Italian Styling - nostalgia, elegance and grace

Style à l'italienne - nostalgie, élégance et grâce

I was a sixteen year old California girl when I discovered it: La Dolce Vita. Marcello Mastroianni clad in a black pencil suit standing knee deep in water with a bottle blonde and buxom Sofia Loren, or lay on a sandy beach and partying on his knees fully suited up in white, finished off with a black dress shirt and notable ascot - not a care in the world, only an effortless sensation and well tailored since of style.

And there was the Alfa Romeo Spider, the classic Italian convertible often seen on the highways and the coasts surrounding my childhood in southern California, and there was Princess Grace, and James Dean - American icons of a borrowed style whom both met tragic ends while living a life that seemed scripted right from a scene along the Amalfi cost in a Frederico Fellini film.

The cinema, the fashion, the silk chiffon scarfs tied over a beautiful woman's coiffure as she drives like the independent maven that she is, black sunglasses and a tailored dress in her little Italian convertible - oh yes, the automobiles...

 Model of an Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto 1600, photo: Rich Sufficool

Model of an Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto 1600, photo: Rich Sufficool

And of course there are the settings, the interior scenes featuring now legendary designs from masters like Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa and the unforgettable Gabriella Crespi.  

  Gabriella Crespi - Italian architect and agent of style

 Gabriella Crespi - Italian architect and agent of style

The mastery of the inlay of metals such as brass, the daring angles and modular features that create surprisingly functional furniture design, and the soft contrasts of oval and angular lines that mix visual splendor with comfort.

 Olivetti Showroom designed by Carlo Scarpa in Venice

Olivetti Showroom designed by Carlo Scarpa in Venice

Carlo Scarpa -architecture -stringio

True,  some may dismiss it all as cliche, but I will always feel a nostalgic tug of the heart for the original modern "good life", and a special appreciation for contemporary designs that take my imagination on a trip to reminisce. But the good life does indeed continue today, with so many inspiring Italian style masters continuing with the tradition of defining themselves as both creators and keepers of style. 

Architects Lazzarini & Pickering are a perfect example. In recent years they've created a collection for Marta Sala Editions, and it is a clear icon of the subtle intricacies of Italian design.  Featured above: The Renoir Collection, Featured below: The Lavinia Exagonal armchair and ottoman foot rest from the 2nd collection from the MSE project.

Lavinia SORS LAZZARINI & PICKERING for Marta Sala Editions

Jean-Michel Basquiat and the mystique of Jean Royère

Jean-Michel BASQUIAT et la mystique de Jean Royère 

News broke last week of the astonishing $110.5 million sale of the Brooklyn born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat's "Untitled", 1982 painting of a skull at Sotheby's auction.  The sale places the value of the artist's works on the level of Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon, and jettison's him to the position of the most highly valued American artist in history. 

 The Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa in his Tokyo home.  Credit Jeremie Souteyrat for The New York Times

The Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa in his Tokyo home. Credit Jeremie Souteyrat for The New York Times

Having passed at the young age of 27 from a heroin overdose, Basquiat's body of works carry a brief creative span, from 1980 to 1987.  The collection is small and the elite group of collector's in possession of one is smaller; most pieces are privately held and tucked away from public view, but this is not the plan for those owned by Japanese billionaire and renegade art collector Yusaku Maezawa.

  “Untitled,”  Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1982 painting of a skull bought by Yusaku Maezawa for $110.5 million at Sotheby’s contemporary art auction in New York. Credit 2017 - The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat/ADAGP, Paris, via ARS, via Sotheby's

“Untitled,” Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1982 painting of a skull bought by Yusaku Maezawa for $110.5 million at Sotheby’s contemporary art auction in New York. Credit 2017 - The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat/ADAGP, Paris, via ARS, via Sotheby's

Mr. Maezawa's purchase comes as no surprise. Having won the Basquiat masterpiece in a bidding war against casino magnate Frank J. Fertitta III at Sotheby's online auction, Yusaku had already purchased the 2nd priciest Basquait masterpiece last year for $57.3 million.

Sources who've interviewed and photographed the tycoon from the living room of his rented apartment in Japan where he bid on the piece from his laptop, say that the unconventional collector does admit that the price tag came as a surprise.  Interesting as the vision of the casual billionaire's streaming online purchase may be, we couldn't help but take note of an additional and simply perfect design element in his personal collection - the bright red Jean Royère "Ours Polaire" armchair that he sits upon.

 Suite  Ours Poliare  (Polar Bear) de Jean Royère - interior by Joseph Dinand

Suite Ours Poliare (Polar Bear) de Jean Royère - interior by Joseph Dinand

To state the common links between Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) and Jean Royère (1902-1981), one can start with the obvious - their shared first name.  The American painter undoubtedly inherited his French first and surnames from the historical links between France and the US in the American south from areas like Louisiana, where many African American's of an origin of the mix of these cultures trace their lineage. As for Royère, of course, he was a French decorator and designer whom lacked a professional training in his trade, which he began after leaving a stable position in the import/export business.  Royère was a natural - a savant of design - which leads us to the second thing these two masters have in common - pure, natural and untrained talent.

Basquiat was pure youth and raw talent personified. The recognition of the young artist's talent, with its early impressions spray painted upon walls in Brooklyn and Manhattan, immediately won the friendship, admiration and opportunities for collaboration with the likes of Keith Herring and Andy Warhol.

This monumental self-portrait by Jean-Michael Basquiat set a world auction record for the artist at $57.3 million  at a Christie's contemporary art sale on May 10, 2016.  Basquiat's self-portrait, "Untitled, 1982," portrays the young artist as a fiery, demonic figure. The canvas, which features splashes of explosive colors, has appeared in every major Basquiat retrospective. - . (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Royère too found early and easy recognition of success with the celebrity set in France of his time: French celebrities such as René Chavance said about Royère: ‘The inventive powers of a creative artist are revealed in the clarity with which they interpret a single theme. Jean Royère was undoubtedly one of the masters of this.’

Now onward to the the value of their works.  In June 2011, Lacoste sold an Ours Polaire sofa, chair and pouf for 800,000 euros (nearly $1 million USD at the time):  that is no small sum for a suite of furniture. It may be a long way from $110.5 million, but it is a top value in its class.

Finally, we arrive at one single way to describe the artistic achievements of both artists: two men, living and working in a different country, during a different time, in a difference culture, under the same first name and with the same outstanding reception to their naturally gifted talents. Iconic.

 Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Louis Vuitton's Objets Nomades

Les Objets Nomades de Louis Vuitton

[[Thanks to the creativity of designers from around the world, the collection "Objets Nomades" by LVMH has featured limited editions and furniture prototypes of rare design elegance since 2012. The latest edition to debut during Milan Design Week 2017 features pieces by two new contributing designers:  India Mahdavi of France and Japan's Tokujin Yoshioka.///Grâce à la créativité des designers mondiale, la collection « Objets Nomades » de LVMH a présenté les éditions limitées et les prototypes de mobilier d’une élégance rare design depuis 2012. La dernière édition à ses débuts durant la Milan Design Week 2017 caractéristiques pièces par deux nouveaux designers qui contribuent : India Mahdavi de la France et Tokujin Yoshioka de Japon.]]

 Objets Nomades 2017

Objets Nomades 2017

[[Today the collection consists of 25 Objets Nomades, including 10 shown for the first time at Fuori Salone in Milan. Each object represents and embodies shared values: love of beauty of refined materials, the balance in the forms and proportions, the complex and meticulous craftsmanship, and finally the careful attention to detail.///Aujourd'hui, la collection se compose de 25 Objets Nomades, dont 10 montré pourla première fois à Fuori Salone de Milan. Chaque objet représente et incarne des valeurs partagées : amour de la beauté des matériaux raffinés, l’équilibre dans les formes et proportions, l’artisanat complexe et minutieuse et enfin l’attention aux détails.]] 

La lumière en gris chez Oliver Gustav

The Light of Grey - A look inside the residence of designer Oliver Gustav//À l’intérieur de la résidence du designer danois 

The Danish designer recently opened his Copenhagen apartment revealing a quiet solitude layered in soft light, his signature grey minimalist charm and a select blend of his own best selling pieces and vintage finds, alongside fellow iconic contemporary works from Rick Owens and Vincenzo de Cotiis.//Le designer danois a récemment ouvert son appartement Copenhague révélant unesolitude tranquille en couches dans une lumière douce, signature gris, charme minimaliste et un mélange de ses créations les plus connus. Aux côtés restent des œuvres emblématiques de compagnons contemporains comme Rick Owens et Vincenzo de Cotiis.

 Photo: Henry Bourne

Photo: Henry Bourne

Above: Gustav's 18th century apartment  living room features one of his signature sofa, a Rick Owens side table, Vincenzo de Cotiis floor lamp and aluminum disk wall lamp by Kevin Josias. //Ci-dessus : XVIIIe siècle appartement salon dispose de Gustav d’une des son canapé de signature, une table d’appoint de Rick Owens, Vincenzo de Cotiis lampadaire et lampe de mur aluminium disque par Kevin Josias. 

Above: In the bedroom, a Julia Haller painting hangs above the vintage wool and hemp draped bed. A special edition Arne Jacobsen drop chair in gray nubuck designed by Gustav occupies the corner of the room. The apartment's kitchen has replaced a former fireplace and features flea market finds and a 19th century vase. A view of the building stairs leading to the entry of the apartment. Photos: Henry Bourne//Ci-dessus : Dans la chambre à coucher, un tableau de Julia Haller  accroche au-dessus du vintage laine et chanvre drapé lit. Une chaise Arne Jacobsen édition spéciale en nubuck gris conçu par Gustav occupe l’angle de la pièce. Cuisine de l’appartement a remplacé une ancienne cheminée et trouvailles de brocante de fonctionnalités et un vase du XIXe siècle. Une vue de l’escalier du bâtiment conduisant àl’entrée de l’appartement. Photos : Henry Bourne

 The designer at home in his living room. Photos: Henry Bourne//Le designer chez lui dans son salon. Photos : Henry Bourne

The designer at home in his living room. Photos: Henry Bourne//Le designer chez lui dans son salon. Photos : Henry Bourne

Supreme Deconstruction//La déconstruction absolue

Supreme Deconstruction - 14 distressed patinated architectural decor scenes//La déconstruction absolue - 14 espaces architecturale en tendance patine détaché

The placement of the luxurious and refined within spaces ravaged by the passage of time lends a balance between new creation and a former time, creating a supremely reconstructed environment with its own perfect harmony.  The  beauty of imperfection itself is a remarkable design concept to embrace and enjoy.//Le placement de la luxueuse et raffinée au sein d’espaces ravagées par le passage du temps donne un équilibre entre la nouvelle création et un temps ancien, créant ainsi un environnement suprêmement reconstitué avec sa propre harmonie parfaite. La beauté de l’imperfection elle-même est un concept remarquable pour embrasser et profiter.

Dimore Gallery, Milan

ADORNO handcrafted carpet from Christian Fischbacher. 




Introducing Altesachair

Altesachair, par l'artiste Daniel Guillotin

French graphic artist Daniel Guillotin makes his debut foray into the world of furniture design under the pseudo brand name Altesachair.  Introducing the brand's first offering:  the Limited Edition Wenge chair.

Oak & Sipo model no°2, 2017 - Offered in limited edition of 5.  Photo: Altesachair

Artisan made in Normandy, France - these elegantly stylised Wenge chairs are constructed with alternating wood planks, which create a sophisticated interlocking of wood grains, resulting in both subtle and strong lines that render the design an instant thing of beauty.

Model no° 1 entitled Wenge, features a dark solid wood with an inserted single line of color plexi which streams down the center of both the back and the sides of the chair. Model no°2, Oak & Sipo, comes in combination of the two woods, resulting in planks of two alternating color tones which provide a uniform stripped effect to the design.

 Wenge model no°1, 2017 - Offered in limited edition of 5.  Photo: Altesachair

Wenge model no°1, 2017 - Offered in limited edition of 5.  Photo: Altesachair

La chaise Wengé modèle no°1, 2017 - Offerte en édition limitée de 5. Photos: Altesachair



The perfect chromed shelf for your bath.//Les étagères chromé impeccable pour votre salle de douche.

The latest designs from Progetto Domestico

The latest designs from Progetto Domestico

New designs from Vincenzo de Cotiis//Nouveautés de Vincenzo de Cotiis

Outstanding wall sconces

Appliques luminaires  remarquable

 Lampada 051 - Dimore Studio 2012

Lampada 051 - Dimore Studio 2012


Syrad retro chic wall sconce in brushed bronze glass - studio Brabbu Design Forces

Visit us on Pinterest to see more//Voir plus sur Pinterest

Tendance de la semaine - Stairs that defy the ordinary

Tendance de la semaine - Stairs that defy the ordinary

The aesthetic art of interior architecture presents a world of options for the focal point of a room's structural design...//L’art esthétique de l’architecture d’intérieur présente un monde d’options pour le point focal de la conception structurelle d’une pièce...

The Quiet Luxury Collection

The Quiet Luxury Collection

[[This latest SORS Privatiselectionem production brings "design within reach"///Cette dernière production de SORS Privatiselectionem « design within reach »]]