Odyssey of Light

Odyssée de la lumière

SORS. has the pleasure to formally announce our partnership with the silvio mondino studio.  The designer has created two pieces with unique silvered finishes exclusively for the SORS gallery, a special blackened brass mickey floor lamp and a silvered brass version of the nuvolo 5 suspension with a platform design that is a one-of-a-kind gallery offering. 

The sculptural light pieces created by the  Italian design engineer and studio head Silvio Mondino are nothing short of an odyssey of light.  Under the moniker of his own name, the SilvioMondinoStudio, the designer reveals the Chemistry Collection - a series of wonderfully futuristic and unique design pieces that exude both progressive ingenuity and sophisticated design aesthetic. 

SILVIO's designs are a trip and a wonder. Insanely modern, the works take on retro mid-century italian with an unchallenged angle, well thought out, produced and assembled by hand in studio, totally progressive,  at times curious, and always stunning. These objects of artistic light easily place like a subtle  star, shining through the convention of familiarity within the atmosphere.  These special pieces of the collection can be viewed by appointment at the sors gallery in paris. 

T-Double Silver Table Lamp by SIlvioMondinoStudio for Galerie SORS.

T-Double Silver Table Lamp by SIlvioMondinoStudio for Galerie SORS.

Select exclusive edition pieces from the silvio mondino collection will be on display the gallery SORS during Paris design week this september 6th to 15th 2018.