Introducing Altesachair

Altesachair, par l'artiste Daniel Guillotin

French graphic artist Daniel Guillotin makes his debut foray into the world of furniture design under the pseudo brand name Altesachair.  Introducing the brand's first offering:  the Limited Edition Wenge chair.

Oak & Sipo model no°2, 2017 - Offered in limited edition of 5.  Photo: Altesachair

Artisan made in Normandy, France - these elegantly stylised Wenge chairs are constructed with alternating wood planks, which create a sophisticated interlocking of wood grains, resulting in both subtle and strong lines that render the design an instant thing of beauty.

Model no° 1 entitled Wenge, features a dark solid wood with an inserted single line of color plexi which streams down the center of both the back and the sides of the chair. Model no°2, Oak & Sipo, comes in combination of the two woods, resulting in planks of two alternating color tones which provide a uniform stripped effect to the design.

Wenge model no°1, 2017 - Offered in limited edition of 5.  Photo: Altesachair

Wenge model no°1, 2017 - Offered in limited edition of 5.  Photo: Altesachair

La chaise Wengé modèle no°1, 2017 - Offerte en édition limitée de 5. Photos: Altesachair