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The latest designs from Progetto Domestico

New designs from Vincenzo de Cotiis//Nouveautés de Vincenzo de Cotiis

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Seductive Comfort at the Parallel House//Confort séduisant à l'hôtel particulier Parallel
Come visit us during Paris Design Week 2016//Venez nous rendre visite au cours de la Paris Design Week 2016

See the new MMXIVS1 polished brass low center table by Privatiselectionem//Voir la nouvelle table basse MMXVIS1 par Privatiselectionem

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« Art up! » votre intérieur.

So often art becomes an afterthought to an interior's design, but make no mistake about the value of centering your design space around a pivotal work of art!

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SORS Presents Amorph Furniture...

Sleek and modern art furniture pieces designed and manufactured in Los Angeles with the latest use of 3D and robotic build technologies. 

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