Sophisticated, timeless wall and ceiling finishes//Sophistiqué et intemporel finitions des murs et plafonds

One of the most lasting visual impressions that a designer can impose on a space is that of customised finishes for walls, doors and ceilings. Imagine a traditional Parisian apartment, already complete with its refined and intricate period mouldings, displaying the style juxtaposition of closet doors or select wall spaces, covered in smooth brass or silver gilded wood panels, in polished or powdered finishes. 

50 x 50cm silver gilded wood ceiling panel - all rights reserved

The combination of timeless metals with legendary architectural details provides an integration of sincere value and beauty.  Contemporary spaces  benefit profoundly from these variations as well; such details can add an unparalleled level of understated class to the built-in atmosphere of an otherwise simple space.  Either way, offering clients unique configurations and bespoke details which set their homes apart from the rest renders a design plan too valuable to resist.  

Brushed brass finished closet door installation - all rights reserved

Luxembourg based design studio PRIVATISELECTIONEM, a SORS favourite and interior design collaborator, has made integrating custom details in wood and metal paneling for ceilings, doors and wall spaces a hallmark of their interiors.  Varied silver gilded wood ceiling panels line dark wood mouldings to illuminate large entry and vestibule spaces.  Brushed brass facings on closet doors create glamorous vanity spaces that reflect warm light and a regency style savoir faire, while custom designs are engraved into wooden sliding interior door panels.  Although some designs are specifically reserved for a particular client and space, others can be purchased and combined in unique configurations by both design professionals looking for a way to embellish a space, or even for ambitious DYI aficionados.

Interior sliding wood doors with custom designed engraving - all rights reserved

To learn more about the selection of wood ceiling panels and bespoke metal finish options available from SORS and the design team at PRIVATISELECTIONEM, please inquire via the contact link below.