The artistry and intelligence of our collective…

SORS. is a real property project development and architectural design collective dedicated to the realization of holistic investment strategy through the creation of bespoke spaces. Our foundation rests upon an extensive experience and therefore, expertise in real estate investment portfolio, architecture, interior design, product design and marketing.

Extensive international market research and professional networks lead to the identification or rare investment offerings among the unparalleled echelons of the worlds most intriguing and exotic centers. The beaches, views and hills from Mexico to Beverly Hills and Malibu, the urban and cultural centers of New York, London, Paris, Milan… the warmth and sophistication of the French and Italian Rivieras, Monaco - the Caribbean, the South Pacific, the islands of Mauritius and yes, the crisp air and dense forest settings of Scandinavia, Northern and South Eastern Europe.  Forever seeking to expand into newfound territory and work with neither geographic nor cultural border, our multi-cultural and multi-lingual team of professionals is highly exclusive yet ever expanding, a meeting of talents as diverse and far reaching as the eternal quest for the exquisite and the divine.

Sum and figures meet planning and creativity, resulting in unique and winning investment strategies packaged inside unique architectural and interior design, filled with bespoke materials and objects conceived and produced exclusively for you in studios and workshops partnered and dedicated to the SORS. collective.  

The world is our playground.  Property experts, Investment consultants, Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers, Manufacturers. We discover, consult, design, produce and transform your dreams into reality.