[[After a master's degree in liberal arts and multiculturalism from the University of Bennington College in Vermont and the University of Mills College in Oakland, she continued her training in interior architecture at FIDM in Los Angeles in her native California. In 2007 she joined the prestigious agency Hilton and Hyland real estate in Beverly Hills, where she directed and specialized in high-end residential projects, both managing their interior renovations and negotiating their ultimate  sale. Based in Paris since 2011, she still works with the Agency on international projects.  In 2015, she founded the Agency and gallery SORS in Paris, where she develops  high-end projects in collaboration with architects, artisans and designers worldwide.///Après un master d'arts libéraux et multiculturalisme à l'Université de Bennington Collège du Vermont et l'Université de Mills Collège d'Oakland, elle continue sa formation dans l'architecture intérieure à FIDM à Los Angeles dans sa Californie natale. En 2007 elle rejointe l'agence Hilton et Hyland Immobilier à Beverly Hills dont elle prendra la direction et négociations spécialisées de projets prestigieuse dans le cadre des rénovations intérieures en préparation de vente. Installée à Paris depuis 2011, elle collabore encore avec l'agence dans les projets internationaux.  En 2015 elle fonde l'agence et la Galerie SORS à Paris, au sein de laquelle elle développe des projets haut de gamme en collaboration avec architectes, artisans et designers dans le monde entier.]]

Rebecca Ross Carlen


Privatiselectionem has a foundation steeped in architectural and interior design, which naturally developed into the field of product design. Our platform is based on an abundance of contemporary textures and technologies that derive from a transformative construction of study, progress and appreciation of design aesthetic which spans the centuries. The constructive interplay of this cultivated expertise, combined with a refined workmanship and play on proportions, are the instruments that guide our creative process.

Our approach is holistic and artisanal. A result of perennial demand and an accumulation of experience in craftsmanship, it exhibits an individual and distinctive approach to design, which is applied from the overall selection of materials, to the meticulous application of the smallest details.

Through the objects, surfaces and spaces created by Privatiselectionem, we offer an identity which surpasses fashionable trends in favor of time-honored craft and elegance. Hand tooled from high-quality and natural materials, the understated class and bespoke quality of each model renders them strictly as individual objects for collectors and aficionados.

Privatiselectionem likes to invent and tell new stories. Walking its own path as it dares, disturbs, seduces, surprises. An accentuated simplicity, emphasized shortcoming or exaggerated proportion allows us to experience a new, sometimes unexpected beauty and harmony.

We approach our work with great enthusiasm, resulting in the transmission of a deep affection for our creations, which exist to be relished in and enjoyed.

Tatyana Glebova-Lowe and Boris Peevburg


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An indispensable player in the living environment, and the first person who will build your daily life: is an architect.

As an architect, Mr. Delpy is a professional who is increasingly aware of the constraints associated with sustainable construction. The preservation of the environment, the improvement of comfort and the prospect of saving energy occupy an increasingly important place in the development of his work.

Graduate from the School of Architecture Toulouse, France in 1987, Mr. Delpy founded the firm Architecture Concept & Partners in 1988, developing the firms practice over the past 30 years. A diverse portfolio of interventions in fields such as: industrial buildings, agro-food buildings, commercial surfaces, offices, public buildings, private villas, renovations, planned housing communities, restaurant and hotel design, he engages with each individual or community to design, develop, rehabilitate, transform or preserve public or private spaces.

Mr. Jacques Delpy - Architect, DPLG//M. Jacques DELPY - Architecte DPLG